General Catalog 2022-2023

Admission of Special Students

Special students will be:

  1. 1. students of other institutions of higher education that have authorization to take courses at Inter American University of Puerto Rico (IAU) to fulfill requirements of their home institution. These students will be required to present a certification indicating the courses they are authorized to take at IAU;
  2. 2. persons not interested in obtaining an academic degree, but in taking courses for their professional or personal improvement;
  3. 3. high school students authorized to take advanced courses as part from their high school requirements;
  4. 4. students from other universities participating in student exchanges;
  5. 5. teachers of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico (DEPR) who want to satisfy some requirement of that agency. An official document of the DEPR indicating the courses they must take will be required.

Special students will not be required to submit a copy of their academic file to be admitted.

The special students described above in numbers 1 to 4 will not be eligible for federal Title IV, or state financial aid.

All applicants who later decide to continue their studies with a view to obtaining a university degree or certificate must comply with the University’s requirements and admission procedures, in harmony with the study program of their interest.

In case special high school students are later admitted as university students, the courses already approved may be accredited to them.