General Catalog 2022-2023

Admission of Transfer Students

All candidates for admission by transfer from another university or college must submit an application for this purpose. Students must request that the office of the registrar of the university or college of origin send a copy of their official transcript to the appropriate Admissions Office of Inter American University.

Students will be considered candidate for admission by transfer, if they:

  1. Passed in another accredited institution at least 12 credits with a grade of C or better, except in academic programs that establish different requirements, in which case they must meet these requirements.
  2. Submit a Certificate of Transferred Students whereby students will certify that he/she has not been suspended for disciplinary reasons at their university of origin.

The admissions requirements for transfer students interested in studying through the Services Program for Adult Students are included in that section in this Catalog.

Students who have passed fewer than twelve transferable semester credits at another postsecondary institution may request admission by following the procedures indicated in the section “Requirements for Undergraduate Admission” in this Catalog. Upon admission, such students will receive credit for transferable academic work completed at another postsecondary institution.

Before matriculation, a student may make a written appeal to any decision made regarding transfer credits. Such an appeal is to be submitted to the Office of Admissions. Once a student has been enrolled, no further consideration of previous credits from other institutions will be given.

Students who have been required to withdraw for academic reasons from another university are not eligible for one academic term after withdrawal. Nevertheless, they are eligible for immediate admission if they choose a major different from the one they were required to withdraw from.