General Catalog 2022-2023

Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer credits may be allowed only for authorized programs in the University, but credits may apply as electives provided that the equivalent courses are within the programs of study of existing departments of Inter American University. No grade below C is acceptable for transfer. If the other institution uses a different grading system, the acceptance of the course will depend on that institution’s official clarification of its grading system. Inter American University will determine the corresponding equivalencies. Once the course from Inter American University is identified as equivalent to the course taken at the institution of origin, the confirmation will be made.

The school accepts a maximum of 67 % of transfer credits from other schools toward associate degree programs of study. Students must satisfactorily complete at least one third of the credits required for the degree and at least one third of the credits required for the major at Inter American University. 

The school accepts between 80 % and 85 % of transfer credits from other schools toward bachelor degree programs, depending on the total number of credits required by the program. Students must satisfactorily complete at least 24 credits of the total number of credits required for the degree at Inter American University, of which at least 15 credits must be credits required for the major. The rest may be General Education courses or elective courses. 

Some programs of study do not allow transfer of credits. These exceptions are noted in this Catalog under the program description. 

The credit-hours granted will be those that are specified in this Catalog for the course. Generally, students obtaining scores of 3 or above on the Advanced Placement tests offered by College Board will receive university level credit.

Students who hold a bachelor's degree from another institution are exempt from taking general education courses and are only required to take the GECF 1010 - Introduction to the Christian Faith, a three (3) credit course, at Inter American University if it has not been approved at the institution of origin. The corresponding comment will appear in the student's file.

Students from British areas who receive a “Pass” or above in the GCE Advanced (“A”) Level Examinations may receive credit toward advanced standing.

All acceptable courses completed at Inter American University or elsewhere by students not regularly admitted to the University or in the Early Admission Program will be credited as soon as they have been admitted as regular students. Once students have been enrolled, no further consideration of previous credits from other institutions will be given, except for courses in progress. Every transferred course will be entered as an attempted and approved course for purposes of the satisfactory academic progress norm and the norm for repeating courses.

If students take a course that is in their academic record as a transferred course and receive a grade, the administrative action symbol T must prevail in the file. If the student obtains the grade of C or above, this will be considered to determine the general academic index and the academic index in the study program, as applicable. If the student obtains a grade of D or F, this will not be considered to determine these indices.