General Catalog 2022-2023

Categories of the General Education Program

The General Education Program of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico comprises the following seven categories.

Basic Skills: This category develops competencies in the following areas: Spanish and English communication skills, mathematics, and information and computer technologies.

Christian Thought: This category develops the competencies that allow the understanding and appreciation of Christian faith from an ecumenical openness.

Entrepreneurial Culture: This category develops the competencies for the formation of a person with an entrepreneurial attitude and capability for self-management and entrepreneurship in the context of a globalized society.

Philosophical and Aesthetic Thought: This category develops competencies related to ethics, social responsibility, and musical, artistic, and theatrical appreciation.

Historical and Social Context: This category develops the fundamental competencies of history and social sciences to allow the understanding of society in a local and global context.

Scientific and Technological Context: This category develops the fundamental competencies for the study and understanding of the interrelation between the natural sciences, the environment, technology and the human being. It also encourages the development of a responsible ecological attitude.

Health and Quality of Life: This category develops competencies that contribute to integral health, quality of life, and healthy individual and collective lifestyles.