General Catalog 2022-2023

General Education Requirements for Bachelors' Degrees

General Education Requirements for Bachelors’ Degrees

General Education Requirements for Bachelors’ Degrees - 48 credits

Basic Skills: 24 credits

Basic Skills: Spanish  9 credits
Basic Skills: English 9 credits
Basic Skills: Mathematics 3 credits 
Basic Skills: Information and Computing 3 credits 

Philosophical and Aesthetic Thought: 6 credits

GEPE 4040 Ethics and Social Responsibility  3 credits 
Select one course from the following:
GEPE 3010 Art Appreciation
3 credits
GEPE 3020 Music Appreciation
3 credits 
GEPE 3030 Theatre Appreciation
3 credits 

Christian Thought: 3 credits

GECF 1010 Introduction to the Christian Faith  3 credits 

Entrepreneurial Culture: 3 credits

GEEC 2000 Entrepreneurial Culture  3 credits 

Historical and Social Context: 6 credits

GEHS 2010 Historical Process of Contemporary Puerto Rico   3 credits
Select one course from the historical or social component:
Historical Component
GEHS 4020 Ancient and Medieval Western Civilization
3 credits 
GEHS 4030 Modern and Contemporary Western Civilization
3 credits
Social Component
GEHS 3020 Global Society
3 credits 
GEHS 3050 Human Formation, Society, and Culture  3 credits 

Explanatory Note:

International students will have the option of selecting the 6 credits of their preference from the courses in this category.

Scientific and Technological Context - 3 credits

Select one course from the following:

GEST 2020 The Natural Environment and the Human Being  3 credits 
GEST 2030 Technology and Environment
3 credits 

Health and Quality of Life - 3 credits

GEHP 3000 Integral Health and Quality of Life  3 credits 

Explanatory note:

Foreign language teaching

The teaching of foreign languages contributes to the internationalization of the curriculum. In addition, it encourages the development of historical, social, and cultural competencies, since the learning of a foreign language requires the sociocultural context of the country whose vernacular is taught as a foreign language in the Institution.

Accordingly, students interested in taking courses in foreign languages, such as French, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Mandarin, among others, may take two courses (6-8 credits) as part of their general academic training. These courses will be replaced by six (6) credits of GEP prescribed courses, specifically: three (3) of the Philosophical and Aesthetic Thought category and three (3) of the Historical and Social Context category.