General Catalog 2022-2023

International Student Mobility Program (ISMP)

Inter American University, in agreement with its commitment to increase projects related to globalization and internationalization, provides students with opportunities to participate in curricular and co-curricular experiences outside Puerto Rico in the following categories:

  • Studies outside Puerto Rico (Study Abroad - SA) that take place under the provisions of the current collaborative agreements included in the University’s list of active consortia.
  • Non-academic Internships
  • Academic and professional leadership development activities.

The Vice-presidency for Academic and Student Affairs and Systemic Planning informs the deans of academic affairs of the opportunities for international student mobility each year. These vary in harmony with the consortia established by the University. The list of active consortia is updated and published each year in the Website

Academic Requirements to Request Participation in the ISMP

Any student interested in participating in any of the student mobility opportunities must meet the following requirements:

  1. be a full-time student at Inter American University,
  2. have a minimum general academic index of 3.0 in the University, or have the index required by the specific project or program for which he is applying,
  3. have approved at least 30 credits of his undergraduate studies or will complete these upon completion of the term in which he applies, or be studying in at least his first year of studies at the graduate level,
  4. show evidence of participation in extracurricular activities and communitarian service during his university life,
  5. be recommended by a professor of his study program,
  6. be interviewed and favorably evaluated by the Official Liaison or Coordinator of the ISMP of his academic unit, and
  7. have the endorsement of the Chief Executive of the academic unit.

A student selected to participate in the ISMP must:

  1. Master the language of the country where the host institution is located.
  2. Know and comply with the laws of the country visited, and the regulations of the host institution.
  3. Demonstrate that he has available to him the financial resources to cover the educational costs.
  4. Sign a release of responsibility.
  5. Have a health insurance plan that covers the service costs in the country visited.
  6. Register in the courses or program, after consulting with the director of the Academic Program he is studying.
  7. Inform previously any change, that he desires to make in the courses or the program in which it has registered, to the Coordinator of the ISMP.
  8. Totally complete the program or the courses in which he has registered.
  9. Meet the evaluation criteria of the host institution.
  10. Make the necessary arrangements to obtain the transcript of credits upon completing the program and give the grade report to the Coordinator of the ISMP, who will transmit it to the registrar, in a period not greater than six months.

Academic load, grades assigned and the granting of credits by Inter American University for courses taken in other institutions

Before registering in a course in a host institution, the student must have the authorization of the PMEI coordinator, or the representative designated by the chief executive of the academic unit, who will determine the course equivalency in consultation with the director of the Academic Program. The student’s academic load will be determined in agreement with the criteria used at the host institution for these purposes.

The grade obtained in the host institution will be converted to the grading system of Inter American University. This will be considered to determine: the general academic index, the study program index, the credits attempted, the credits approved, the tempo of approval and the maximum period of eligibility. The grades informed under this experience may not be changed.

Federal and State Financial Aid

A student eligible for federal or state financial aid may receive this in an institution outside Puerto Rico, as long as this has been established in the consortium with the host institution. The ISMP Coordinator and the director of Financial Aid will provide information for each individual case.