General Catalog 2022-2023

Minor in Statistics

The minor in statistics is intended for all students who wish to enter this field, including those committed to research work or to the implementation of statistical methods, as well as those that wish to expand in the knowledge of the aspects related to the analysis of statistical information and its application.

The Metropolitan Campus is authorized to offer this minor.

Requirements for the Minor in Statistics - 20 credits

Courses for the Minor in Statistics

MATH 1500Precalculus


MATH 2100Introduction to Probability and Statistics


MATH 2200Combinatory Analyses and Probability


MATH 2300Statistical Inference


MATH 3000Sampling Techniques


MATH 3060Nonparametric Statistics


Note: Students whose academic program does not require GEMA 1200, must take the same or have an equivalent course of Algebra before taking MATH 1500.