General Catalog 2022-2023

Music Enterprises Management (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Music Business Management has as its main purpose to train students with the necessary skills to perform successfully in the management of any organization linked to the music business.

The Metropolitan Campus is authorized to offer this program.

Program Goals

  1. Develop producers or managers of musical business activities.
  2. Promote entrepreneurs in the music industry.
  3. Train professionals who can work in music business in corporate environments.

Program Objectives

  1. Promote knowledge and fundamentals of business administration with an interdisciplinary approach, committed to self-management in the management of music companies.
  2. Create professionals trained to direct and manage new companies, both small and medium, related to the music industry, and capable of developing innovative marketing strategies and processes that respond to the changes and trends of this industry.
  3. Promote ethical behavior in professional practice and knowledge of the discipline from an integral vision of it.

Competencies Profile of Graduates

The Program is designed to develop the skills that allow the student:


Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  1. the managerial, legal and technological foundations to develop business within the contemporary music industry.


  1. Apply management theories to develop small and medium enterprises.
  2. Integrate the marketing strategies applicable to the various services in the area of music.
  3. Identify opportunities in the music industry to undertake creative projects.
  4. Develop innovative processes that contribute to the profitability and sustainability of businesses in the music industry.


  1. Demonstrate appreciation for ethical values in the entertainment industry.
  2. Show commitment to positive interpersonal relationships between professionals in the music industry and with teamwork.

Requirements of the Bachelor in Business Administration in Music Enterprises Management

General Education Requirements 48 credits
Core Requirements 25 credits
Major Requirements 30 credits
Related Requirements 15 credits
Free Electives 3 credits
Total 121 credits

General Education Requirements - 48 credits

Forty eight (48) credits are required as explained in the section “General Education Requirements for Bachelors’ Degrees."

Core Requirements - 25 credits

ACCT 1161Introduction to Financial Accounting


BADM 1900Fundamentals of Business Management


MAEC 2140Fundamentals of Quantitative Methods


MAEC 2211Principles of Microeconomics



OMSY 3030Business Communication in Spanish



OMSY 3040Business Communication in English



MAEC 2221Basic Statistics


MKTG 1210Introduction to Marketing


ENTR 2200Foundations of Entrepreneurship


Major Requirements - 30 credits

MUBA 1000Introduction to Business in the Music Industry


MUBA 1100Music Marketing


MUBA 1200Principles of Management of Artists


MUBA 1300Musical Fundamentals for Enterprises


MUBA 1400Legal Aspects in The Music Business


MUBA 2000Dissemination, Promotion and Distribution of Music in Internet


MUBA 3000Introduction to Musical Production


MUBA 4000Project Management in the Musical Industry


MUBA 397_Special Topics


MUBA 4971Integrated Seminar


MUBA 397_: The student will take three Special Topic courses, each one of one (1) credit.

Related Requirements - 15 credits

MKTG 2220Marketing Management


MKTG 2223Consumer Behavior


MKTG 3230Integrated Marketing Communication


MKTG 3233Public Relations in Organizations


MKTG 4244Global Marketing


Note: *Special Topics: One will be offered per trimester, the topics will be related to new industry trends and new technologies, documentation procedures and laws, creativity development tools, etc. Most topics can be taken by students of the program, regardless of the year they are studying. If any of the topics requires an advanced level of knowledge, the prerequisite courses will be established.