General Catalog 2022-2023

Information Access Center (Library)

Each campus has an Information Access Center (IAC) with properly capable human resources, educational resources and appropriate physical spaces.

These Centers are organized as a system that works in co-ordination. An online catalog provides access to all bibliographical resources that the Institution owns, as well as to audio-visual materials, printed magazines and electronic books available for study and research.

The Information Access Centers provide remote access to the electronic data bases that the Institution subscribes to, and those prepared internally, and to others of scientific interest that are available free of charge.

Each Information Access Center is considered an integral part of the development of the library programs of the University, among which the development of information and research skills stands out.

The System has a collection that exceeds a million printed and non-printed items, such as printed and electronic books, educative data bases of academic magazines, educational videos, microfiches and microfilms.