General Catalog 2022-2023

Student Activities

During the academic year, the University and the Student Council of the various instructional units sponsor a variety of cultural, social, academic, religious and recreational activities in which all students and the University community are invited to participate.

Such participation fosters personal and professional growth and provides leadership training by encouraging mutual understanding and cooperation and by emphasizing the ideals of service, good citizenship and respect for human values. The University, within the limits of its resources, endeavors to provide such activities.

There are many clubs and organizations at the instructional units. These organizations may be academic, professional, cultural, recreational, social, sports or religious in nature. The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs at the various instructional units will provide, upon request, up-to-date information on clubs and organizations and their current officers and membership.

Sports and Recreation

Inter American University has a varied sports program in which students have successfully represented the University in the Interinstitutional Athletic League and in other sports organizations in Puerto Rico and in other countries. This competition has been in basketball, soccer, volleyball, swimming, tennis, wrestling, weight lifting, softball, baseball, cheerleading, judo, and track and field.

Students participate in intramural contests as well as in the Interinstitutional League of Extramural Sports composed of the campuses of Inter American University.

In each unit, according to its individual needs, there is a program of intramural sports, which offers the opportunity to compete to students who cannot aspire to become first rate athletes. These sports and recreational activities offer students the opportunity to establish friendships, to fraternize with the University community and to develop physically, mentally and socially.

Students interested in more independent recreation can use the facilities for ping-pong, pool and tennis or they can participate in chess, dominoes and other games in competition with other universities.

Religious Activities

Committed to the Christian roots of the foundation of our University, each academic unit has an Office of University Chaplaincy that responds to the Institutional ecumenical Christian policy, which promotes the experience of the faith from a Christian-ecumenical approach. Each instructional unit also offers pastoral care services, spiritual enhancement and reflective experiences, in addition to the established celebrations during the liturgical year. The participation of the University community is encouraged in the different events, but is completely voluntary.

Student Councils

Student councils, as provided by the General Student Regulations, may be organized at all the instructional units of the University. Their members are elected from the student bodies according to the established procedures. These procedures provide for direct participation of the largest number of students possible from all the units.

The Student Council is given funds for organizing activities promoting student life and academic endeavors of the unit. Students on disciplinary probation are not eligible to hold posts in the Student Council.

Student concerns are canalized through the Student Councils. The Councils meets regularly with University authorities and receive relevant information about University development.