General Catalog 2022-2023

University Orientation Program

Inter American University of Puerto Rico recognizes that to develop an educated person, it is necessary to provide a set of integrated educational experiences and programs and support services. Among the services offered by the University is the University Orientation Program. The mission of this program is to promote the integral development of students, so they may achieve their formative goal, and therefore, their self-realization and well-being.

Professional counseling, as a support process, has a preventive approach as well as one for the development of individuals, although if necessary, it identifies, refers and coordinates services for students who may show pathological conduct in the educational scenario.

The Services of the Program are offered by licensed professionals who help students to develop the skills necessary to obtain the greatest benefit from the university experience. Therefore, orientation is directed toward attending the different needs of the university student in the following areas:

  1. Personal: interpersonal relations, self-esteem, self-knowledge, motivation, decision making, etc.
  2. Vocational: exploration and selection of careers, vocational decision making, definition of academic objectives, selection of major, etc.
  3. Educational: different study techniques, academic motivation, etc.